Property Transaction Management for brokers and agents

Let Professionals Manage the Transaction

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Using BuildIn’s Property Transaction Management system, you can make sure that your buyers have all the information they need, when they need it. Our Unified Dashboard shows the progress, status and details of each element of the transaction, and our Communications and Routing modules get the relevant information to the right people, at the right time.

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BUILDIN was designed for brokers and agents to provide the most professional, stress-free, secure and profitable buyer experience. You manage and control the process - using advanced algorithms, you can tailor each transaction process and flow to each buyer


Each transaction process and flow is automatically adjusted according to local legal and commercial code, type of transaction and individual characteristics of each buyer

Do it Once

Ask your buyers for information and documents only once, reducing the stress and frustration caused by repeatedly asking them same questions. You will then be able to securely transfer the information to approved lenders, and expedite the process.


You’ve established the trusted relationship with your customer. Now, expand it with new and tailored services.


Communications, Documents, and Legal Contracts are all kept in a centralized repository. Never lose a document or an important message


Brokers and agents customize their communications with the buyer, across media and formats - video calls or emails, documents for signature or progress reports


keep your buyer involved, every step of the way. Your buyer can see just how much you’re actually doing, and how the deal is progressing, at any time, just by connecting to their account.


BuildIn’s core infrastructure is based on a private blockchain. This is distributed and decentralized data storage, with all of the security advantages of the blockchain, but with additional layers of access control. Information that has been confirmed and verified, such as notarized documents, signed contracts, or official correspondence, cannot be tampered with or changed in any way after it is stored in the blockchain. On the other hand, the same information can be used without any need to duplicate efforts or expenses.

Because it is a private blockchain, there is no need for mining, and thus, no cryptocurrencies to attract unwanted attention. Nodes are exposed only to specific and carefully vetted systems. This is attractive not just to brokers and their agents, but also lowers risk to the lenders and buyers.

Rather than reconfiguring existing solutions to work with blockchain, BuildIn has analyzed the problems facing the Real Estate market from the process perspective and developed a solution that is truly blockchain based, and meets the real needs of Real Estate professionals and their buyers.

Key components

BuildIn is dedicated to leading the early adaptation of Blockchain technology to the evolving Real Estate marketplace, to the benefit of all the parties involved in the transaction, from the buyer to the broker.
Photo of Sally Shtrozberg

Sally Shtrozberg

Co-Founder & CEO

Sally has over 15 years of experience in the fields of residential real estate, finance and law. As a veteran entrepreneur, she has real-world experience in Real Estate development, management and sales gained from companies in Israel, Europe and the US. Sally earned her LLM in commercial law at Tel-Aviv University, and is a Ph.D. candidate at the Hebrew University.
Photo of Ran Hadary

Ran Hadary

Co-Founder & CTO

Ran is an experienced technology leader, spending 14 years managing large-scale projects at Amdocs, and 4 years at Kenshoo as Vice President of IT. Ran was also the CEO and Technical lead of Ridartech, an Israeli construction tech startup creating the first ever Al-based personal assistant for construction projects.
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